Highlander athlete leads his teams by example

Junior Greg Cauley has been at the front of the athletic pack since he has stepped foot on Howell High School’s campus. So what makes this three-sport athlete click?

Supported by his mom, dad, and three sisters Jacquelene, Elisa, and Monica, Cauley has plenty of role models to help push him along. Cauley has one sister enrolled in Cooley Law School and two enrolled at the University of Michigan. His father Fred was his junior football offensive coordinator for Howell’s White team, while his mother is a team mom for the Howell varsity football team.

During Cauley’s junior athletic years, he played baseball for the Livingston Storm, basketball for the Howell Heat, and football in the Howell Area Junior Football League.

Cauley has started on Howell’s varsity baseball team since he was a freshman, and played varsity football and basketball since his sophomore year. With his true passion being football, he puts his heart and soul into being the best athlete he can be, and the best leader he can be.

“I love football, I can’t wait for this season to start. We’re going to have an exciting season and hopefully go farther than last year,” Cauley said.

Last year Cauley was second in the league as a passer averaging 123.8 yards per game, with a total of 1,486 yards and 10 passing touchdowns in the 2010 football season. As an overall quarterback Cauley was 29th in the state. Cauley led his to team to the top eight in the state, with their last loss being to Rockford in the third game of the playoffs.

“Cauley is an extremely hard worker, one of the best quarterbacks I have coached,” quarterback coach Ryan Ash said.

Cauley looks to have his best athletic performances this year, and lead his teams to state championships for the 2011-2012 seasons.

Mitch Faulkner was the senior tight end and linebacker for Howell. “Greg was awesome! Even with a bad shoulder he had a heck of an arm. Now that he’s better he’s going to have a memorable senior year,” Faulkner said.

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