Science fiction thriller another alien cliche

In the action-thriller Battle: Los Angeles, Marine Staff Sergeant Michael Nantz comes out of retirement to lead a platoon and help defend Los Angeles from alien invaders. What the world thought was just a meteor strike evolved into a full-scale alien attempt of colonizing Earth. Los Angeles was the last city in an alien plot to overrun major cities across the planet.  As a last chance of sustaining a major city, the military concentrated its power in Los Angeles in a hope to fight off the aliens.  While story kept me involved, but it lacked in originality. The plot is the typical science-fiction alien invasion movie that has been done several times before.

Actor Aaron Eckhart plays Nantz, the main character, in Battle: LA. As Nantz faces conflict, he shows his ability to be a successful leader and persevere through countless hardships. In the beginning of the movie, Nantz goes into retirement, but that is short-lived when the military brings him back into action for the battle of Los Angeles. Nantz was assigned to look over Second Lieutenant William Martinez, but in an unfortunate turn of events, takes over the platoon when Martinez is murdered. Nantz leads his men through hell and back to eventually find the aliens’ weakness and takes back Los Angeles.

Though Eckhart’s acting was one of the highlights of the movie, the supporting cast was mediocre. The dialogue was hit or miss, and the storyline took me from being on the edge of my seat to losing interest in the movie.

Special effects throughout Battle: Los Angeles were stellar and showed indisputable devastation around L.A. in the entire movie. The intruding aliens look spectacular and authentic as they attempted to colonize the human race. On the other hand, the camera angles were exceedingly shaky and got really irritating.

Due to the sketchy acting and lack of originality, I give this movie three stars out of five. Yes, the special effects were amazing, but the plot  and mediocre acting was not genuine enough to move me.


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