Child star success story gone wrong

What happened to Lindsay?

Remember The Parent Trap? Not the old, 1961 black-and-white version that our parents grew up with, but the one that we did – the remake, starring fresh-faced, innocent Lindsay Lohan who played both twins, although we didn’t figure that out until years after the obsession had faded.

Remember the scene where one of the twins pierces the other girl’s ear? I could never watch it because I was too scared. They actually showed the needle going through her ear,
and that was too much for any third grader to handle.

All of the critics ranted and raved about the little red-headed girl who played both the twins with such finesse and maturity, but with a sense of youth all at the same time. The VHS tape box actually says “introducing Lindsay Lohan!” on it. I just checked.

Remember her Disney years? Life Size, Get A Clue, Freaky Friday, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. The girl was still a girl, but she wasn’t too little anymore. I remember dancing around my room to some of the soundtracks, and thinking Freaky Friday was the funniest movie ever.

Or Speak, the album she released in 2004, full of teenage angst and emotion. I have it in my CD case in the back of my closet, next to the Baha Men and the Disney Mania albums.
Remember her Mean Girls days? That movie is still one of my favorites. I wasn’t allowed to watch it until awhile after it came out due to its PG-13 rating, though. Lohan is a little older than I am.

Recently though, I’ll just be clicking through the Internet, or flipping channels, and I’ll come across story after about her. “Lindsay Lohan in Court: Judge Sentences Her Back to Jail” is the most recent headline I’ve come across.

It’s sad really – that drugs, money, and fame can change a person all the way around. Who I remember as someone I’d like to be best friends with is someone whose life is now a mess. At one time Lohan looked like she had the whole world in the palm of her hand. She was cute, talented, and she was a girl I wanted to be like.

Lohan has been arrested for countless incidents, and is known for her drug and alcohol abuse- she’s been to rehab seven times. Her media exploits with Britney Spears and Paris Hilton didn’t help her image much. She became a one note joke for tabloids and entertainment news in general. “Pulling a Lindsay” is a phrase often used for anything that a celebrity does that is seen as racy.

So what happened to Lindsay?

We all know what happened – drugs and money and fame happened. Growing older happened.

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